Bahavian Idol


Cory, Meena and Newt finally get their first gig at a local juice parlor.

Meena’s father, Ambassador Paroom, decides to stop buy and watch the band perform which makes Meena nervous.

In order to calm her nerves, Cory buys Meena a present that comes from Bahavia which is revealed to be a morchaca, which is rumored in Bahavia to give people a curse.

After touching the morchaca, Meena becomes plagued with bad luck and backs out of the show.

It's up to Cory and Newt to find a way to convince her to do the show.


  • This is the ninth episode of the first season. The episode aired on March 9, 2007.
  • When Cory and Newt are playing without Meena at their gig, they are just singing background because Meena is the lead singer. When Meena comes back and they start playing. Cory and Newt are singing different background than they were before.


Meena (to Ambassador Paroom): Father, what are you doing up there?
Cory: He was worried about you.
Ambassador Paroom: I'll handle this! (to Meena) I was worried about you.
Meena: (to her dad about why she backed out of the show) Well, Cory gave me a morchaca...
Ambassador Paroom: (mortified) A morchaca? Cory, how could you do such a thing?!
Cory: Well, the eyes were just so cute and...
Ambassador Paroom: Of course they are cute! That's how they get you to look into them!
Cory (to Newt): All right, man. Meena's on her way over. I'm gonna convince her that we did all this research on the Internet on how to reverse a bad luck curse.
Newt: Really?
Cory: No, man, there's no such thing.
Newt: As the Internet?