Beat the Press


The President attends a press conference while he has a cold which results in crazy reporter Michelle Wallace hitting him with questions about killer bee attacks.

With some help of Grandma's special hot sauce, the President's cold goes away.

At school, Michelle asks Cory a bunch of questions which results in him given some incorrect answers.

Then, Michelle then creates a bad report about the President & now Cory and Samantha come up with a plan to stop her.

Meanwhile, Meena tries to go along with some of Newt's ideas including his idea for their music video.


  • This is the tenth episode of the first season. The episode aired on March 23, 2007.
  • This episode was featured as a secret unlockable episode on on St. Patrick's Day 2007.
  • This episode's title is an allusion to the popular political television show "Meet The Press."


(President Martinez takes a sip of Victor's soup which Cory had laced with his grandma's hot sauce)
President Martinez: Cory... WHOO! (stands up in amazement) Mama say, mama saw! (inhales) The Pre... (inhales again) The Pres... (takes a clear, deep breath) THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!
Samantha: Cory, listen to me. You live in the White House. There are always reporters snooping around, especially that Michelle Wallace.
Cory: Oh, yeah, she seemed nice.
Samantha: Oh, she's a real love muffin.
Cory: She is.
Samantha: Until she twists your words around and turns them into some crazy scandal that's going to embarrass the President!
Cory: With all due respect, Ms. Samuels, I'm a little smarter than that.
Samantha: (mockingly) With all due respect, no, you're not!
Samantha (to Cory): Just never talk to the press.
Cory: Okay, but what if I...
Samantha: Never.
Cory: Man, all I was going to say...
Samantha: (yells) I said never!
Cory: Dang!
Michelle: This is Michelle Wallace, Intense News. It's time to reveal the identity of the President's secret advisor. It's Cory Baxter, son of the White House chef. Yes, the leader of our country is taking advice from an 8th-grader who can't even figure out how to put a straw in a juice box.
Victor (to Cory): My passions include sushi? Boy, you don't even like fishsticks!
Cory: Hey, I'm not a Scorpio, either, but it sounded better!