Cory In The House is an American TV Show that aired on Disney Channel. It is currently being shown Wednesday nights during the Disney Replay block, along with That's So Raven and Kim Possible.


The show stars Kyle Massey as Cory Baxter, a teen who lives with father Chef Victor. They both live in the White House, where Victor has a job as the chef. Cory often gets in trouble with his two friends Newt and Meena. He also has befriended the President's daughter Sophie.

The show centers around Cory Baxter, who has moved from San Francisco to Washington D.C. after his father, Victor Baxter, gets a new job at the White House as the official White House head chef. Cory's best friends are Newt Livingston, the son of Chief Justice and US Senator and Meena Paroom daughter to the Bahavian Ambassador. Thus, Cory begins a new life. He quickly developed a crush on Meena. Jason Stickler stalks in the shadow of Meena. Cory is often irritated by the President's daughter, Sophie Martinez, and he is often disciplined by the President's assistant, Samantha Samuels, but he gets along with the President, Richard Martinez, while he deals with the new-found everyday challenges.


  • This marks the first ever Disney spin-off.
  • It is the only spinoff to be produced in standard definition for the rest of the show.
  • Raven Symone reprised her role as Raven Baxter in one episode.
  • Dan Mott reprised his role as The Juicer in one episode.