Everybody Loves Meena
Season 01, Episode 03
Everybody Loves Meena
Air Date January 26, 2007
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Everybody Loves Meena.


When Cory looks in Meena's notebook, he sees a heart around her name and the initials C.B. Cory thinks she has a crush on him, but instead Meena has a crush on a guy named Craig Berkowitz.

Meena asks for Cory's advice on how to get to Craig to ask her out, so they pretend to be a couple, however, Stickler believes they really are a couple and decides to ruin their fake date.

Meanwhile, Sophie develops a crush on Newt and invites him over for a tea party.


  • this is the third episode of the first season, which was broadcast for the first time on January 26, 2007.


Cory: Uh, Meena, what'd you get for number 3?
Meena: Huh? Oh, Uh, Uh, Wisconsin.
Cory: Wisconsin? I'm doing Algebra, what you doing?
Victor: Uh, Newt, you've got bigger problems. Sophie invited you to this tea party because she's got a major crush on you.
Newt: Really? That's so cute!
Victor: Yeah, to you, but to her, this is a big deal. Look, you got to handle this delicately. Let her down easy.
Newt: Don't worry, ask my parents. I let people down all the time.
Sophie: I almost made the biggest mistake of my life tonight.
Cory: Bigger then helping the girl of my dreams meet the man of her dreams?
Sophie: I almost married your friend Newt.
Cory: Well, I rode on a bus in my underwear.
Sophie: (awkwardly) Ok, you win.
Cory: (showing himself off to a picture of Abe Lincoln) I look good, don't I? And be honest, Abe! (chuckles)
Abe Lincoln: Big date tonight, heh?
Cory: Who said that?
Abe Lincoln: It was me. (Cory turns and stares at the photo) President Abraham Lincoln.
Cory: But you're a picture. You can't talk.
Abe Lincoln: I know. I'm just your conscience coming to you in a clever way.