Get Smarter


Newt meets the new girl in school, Jessica and develops a crush on her. Lucky for Newt, she likes him.

When Jessica asks Newt out on a date, Newt accepts, however, Newt doesn't feel like he can go through with it since Jessica is smart and he is not.

With a little help from Stickler, Cory and Meena use a special ear piece to talk to Newt and they tell him what to say.

Meanwhile, the President's mother comes for a visit and redecorates the Oval Office.

In order to keep her out of the office, the President makes Victor keep her distracted, which results in a cooking contest between them.


  • This is the twelfth episode of the first season. The episode aired on May 11, 2007.
  • The President's nickname, at least by his mother, is Rico.
  • Running Gag: Meena laughing at stuff that is not funny and being serious at stuff that is funny.
  • Newt is talking to Jessica at the vending machine which is right outside of the science classroom. He says "See you in science class" and Jessica walks away down the hall. Then Newt walks into the science room and Jessica is already in there.


Cory (to Meena as he tries to tell her a knock-knock joke): Knock knock.
Meena: Come in.
Cory: Come in? No, no, you're supposed to say, "Who's there?"
Meena: Well, why would I do that? I know it's you.
Cory: Oh, my goodness!
Jessica: Plus, you have to be 18 to do brain surgery.
Cory: (to Meena) Too bad she can't operate on Newt's brain.
(Meena doesn't laugh)
Meena: Well, yes, she cannot do brain surgery because of the age restrictions.
Cory: No, Meena. That's not why it's funny.
Meena: Oh, funny like one of your "ding-dong" jokes?
Cory: (annoyed) Knock, knock!
Meena: Come in!
Cory: (frustrated) Oh my goodness!