Just Desserts


Cory and Newt sample the Bahavia's Independence Day dessert, the nakishka.

While the president is out of town, Samantha is in charge of a very important medal banquet honoring Professor Bushwick and Victor is in charge of the meal, but he can not come up with a dessert.

Cory gets Victor to serve Meena's nakishka's, but a mix-up in the recipe spells disaster.

Meanwhile, Sophie is teased about not being able to ride a bike without training wheels and tries to get her dad to come home and teach her how.


  • This is the eighth episode of the first season. The episode aired on March 2, 2007.
  • This episode was part of Disney Channel's "Night of Premieres."
  • This episode is available on the Cory in the House "All-Star Edition" DVD.
  • Raven is mentioned in this episode. This is the second time she has been mentioned and she will appear in a future episode.


Samantha: I am in charge of this afternoon's Presidential medal banquet honoring Professor Susan Bushwick and her work with the overly stressed.
Cory: What's overly stressed?
Samantha: Don't interrupt me!
Victor: (to Cory) That's it.
Cory: (to Professor Bushwick) Allow me to introduce myself. Cory Baxter, American businessman. Now, you see, I was...
Samantha: Contract, page two.
Cory: Page two of the contract. (reads the contract) "No wacky business schemes"? Dang!
Samantha: Page four.
Cory: Page four. (reads the contract) "No dangs"?! Dang! (Samantha gives him an angry look) Ahem. Gee whiz! It's not the same.
Samantha: I liked it.
Meena (sets down a tiny box in front of Newt & Cory): I give you the official dessert of Bahavian Independence Day. Behold...(removes the lid) the nakishka!
Cory: (seeing how delicious it looks) All right! Let's dig in! (he and Newt make wild grabs for the nakishka, but Meena slaps their hands away)
Meena: Whoa, whoa, whoa! You don't just dig in like wild animals! First, (takes out a small packet) we must ceremoniously drizzle it with lemon sauce. (she does just that, then waves her hands over it) Shalishka, shalishka. (Cory and Newt stare awkwardly) Now you dig in like wild animals. (Cory and Newt grab the nakishka and sample it) So, what do you think?
Cory: (with his mouth full) If this nakishka had a dress, I would marry it.
Cory: Okay, there's a roomful of overly stressed people waiting on 35 more nakishkas and we have to make them in one hour.
Meena: Well, you're the man with all the answers. What do we do?
Cory: I'll tell you what we do. I mean, I know it takes love and care and a bunch of other steps to make a nakishka, but we're gonna have to do some skipping.
Newt: Whatever it takes. (starts skipping around the kitchen)
Cory: You know what? I don't care what that contract says. Dang!