Mall of Confusion


The President wants to buy the First Lady some perfume, but he can not go out in public without creating a big scene.

Cory disguises the President and they head to the mall.

At the mall, Cory leaves the President to get a new video game, and gets into a small fight with Stickler.

Stickler tries to use memory wipe spray to make Cory forget about the game, but the President gets a hold of it and uses it which causes him to wind up working in a cheese shop.

Meanwhile, Sophie wants to hang out with Meena, so she tries acting Bahavian, but it only gets on Meena's nerves.


  • This is the eleventh episode of the first season. The episode aired on April 13, 2007.
  • Sophie (and most likely the President and First Lady) is from Sacramento. Sacramento is the capital of California which is the same state that San Francisco (where Cory and Victor are from) is in. That means that Cory and Sophie are from the same state.
  • When Becky first picks up the President and thinks he's Bert, the President asks, "Who am I?" and Becky replies, "You're my boss!," but it is later revealed when they're in the kitchen that she is actually his boss.
  • This episode was first shown in the UK on April 14, 2007.


Meena: Poom-shlaka-laka!
Sophie: Shlaka-laka-poom!
(After Meena and Sophie have just finished performing the Patushka dance)
Mrs. Flowers: Oh, what a beautiful performance! Thank you, Sophie, thank you, Meena, for performing that wonderful Bahavian folk dance, the Patoshka.
Meena: Actually, it's pronounced "Patushka." See, in my country, Bahavia, "Patoshka" means "a foolish shepherd who doesn't know his goat from his yak."
Maya: (about Sophie's Bahavian accent) Why are you talking like that?
Sophie: (in a Bahavian accent) It's Bahavian, Maya. That's the way me and my sister talk, because we're from Bahavia.
Maya: (about Meena) She's not your sister, and you're from Sacramento.
Sophie: (turns away; in disgust) What a patoshka! (walks out of the room)
(President Martinez takes a whiff of a perfume that nearby Mrs. Ginsburgh is sampling, and is able to remember the scent)
President Martinez: That's it! "The Smell of Love!" (to Mrs. Ginsburgh) Come to me!
Mrs. Ginsburgh: How dare you! (whacks him with her purse)
Jason (to Cory): Baxter, I know we've had our differences in the past, but we're on this mission together, so I've got your back.
Cory: Hey, I appreciate that, Stickler.
Victor: (comes in) Hey, guys, what's going on?
Jason: You're on your own, Baxter. (leaves)
Cory: Dang!