Napper's Delight


Meena and Newt plan to go skiing in South America and Cory wants to go, however, Stickler, who is also coming uninvited, uses CIA technology to destroy Cory's ATM card.

In order to get the needed money, Cory gives secret tours of the white house in which they see Sophie. When Sophie finds out she isn't going skiing, she steals Cory's money and runs off.

Meanwhile, the President is having trouble sleeping and is keeping Victor up during the night.


  • The is the sixth episode of the first season. It aired on February 16, 2007.
  • This is the first time in this series that Cory comes up with one of his money schemes.


Cory: You see, I bet people would pay good money to see something that's not on that regular tour. Something that pops, something that sizzles.
Newt: Bacon!
Cory: No, man! A cute, little celebrity.
Newt: Kevin Bacon!
Cory: Stickler, man, why are you always spying on us?
Stickler: I prefer to call it reconnaissance. It's French.
Meena: It's creepy.
Cory: We need someone cute, sweet and ador...
Newt: All right, stop hinting. I'll do it!
Cory: Not you. (stares at Meena)
Meena: Why y'all looking at me?