We Built This Kitty on Rock 'n' Roll
Season 01, Episode 04
We Built This Kitty on Rock 'n' Roll
Air Date February 2, 2007
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We Built This Kitty on Rock 'n' Roll.


Cory wants him, Meena, and Newt to be on the President's Reading Benefit show so they can be on television. However, Samantha will not let them. They trick Sophie into joining the band so they can be on the show, but Sophie figures it out and makes them play her song about cats instead.

Meanwhile, Samantha tries to convince the President not to do bird calls on television.


  • This is the fourth episode, which was first broadcast on February 2, 2007.


Sophie: Samantha, I wanna be in my daddy's show.
Samantha: I'll cancel Beyonce. (Cory's mouth drops open as Samantha crosses something off her list) There.
Cory: What? (about Sophie) You're gonna cancel Beyonce for her?
Samantha: Hello! President's daughter, keep job, ok?
Newt: (after seeing Sophie's outfits for the band) I hope our faces will be covered.
Meena: Oh they will. In shame!